10 Ways to Make Money from YouTube Instantly


Today I will share 10 ways to make money from YouTube with you! Do you want to earn money from YouTube? It’s possible, and there are several different ways to do it. Here are 10 ways you can make money from YouTube, including uploading videos, moderating comments, advertising, and more. See the list below to get started!

10 ways to make money from YouTube

Know and learn step by step ideas to make money online from YouTube in 2022-

10 Ways to Make Money from YouTube
10 Ways to Make Money from YouTube

1) Earn From AdSense

If you want to make money on YouTube quickly, one way is through AdSense. This option makes it easy to earn small amounts of money right away through advertisements that appear with your videos. You can choose whether or not you want ads on your videos, and how long they’ll play before your video starts (from 5-90 seconds). It’s worth noting that for these types of ads, you won’t get paid until someone clicks on an ad. That means a lot of small payments rather than a few big ones if that’s what you prefer.

2) Start a Patreon Account

Patreon allows fans of your work to support you financially on a monthly basis. In return, they get access to special content that they can’t get anywhere else. For example, musicians on Patreon may give their patrons early access to tracks that don’t end up in an album release or footage of a concert before it’s released for public viewing. How much can you make? It depends on how much time you want to put into it and how generous your fans are willing to be; but if you build up a large enough following, there’s no reason why you couldn’t earn at least $1,000 per month from Patreon alone.

3) Create Merchandise for Sale

Unless you’re a very well-known personality, it can be hard to make money with YouTube videos. If you have a popular channel and are using it regularly for income, take time every few months to create some merchandise. Not only will your fans love supporting you by purchasing some of your branded gear (even if they’re just your logo on a coffee mug or a hat), but it also means you’ll own an additional income stream for yourself. And don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be expensive or over-the-top! These days, all you need is a smartphone and something with your brand name on it so people know what they’re buying. Then sell it through sites like Teespring or Zazzle!

One of the easiest ways to make money with YouTube is to place affiliate links on your channel. That way, every time someone buys a product using your link, you earn a commission for it. The best part about affiliate marketing is that you can promote pretty much anything you want. If you have no idea what niche you’d like to create a channel around or if making videos isn’t your thing, then at least consider promoting other people’s products with affiliate links. It doesn’t require any skill on your part (but it will require work) and could be an easy way to start making money online with YouTube.

5) Use Sponsored Posts

Using sponsored posts is a popular way for YouTubers to make money from their channel. With sponsored posts, advertisers pay you in return for posting about a product on your channel. It’s important that you disclose these relationships, as it’s against YouTube’s guidelines.

6) Sell an eBook on Amazon Kindle Store

We all love our gadgets, and e-readers are no exception. These handheld devices can be great for entertainment, but they’re also wonderful tools for learning and research. However, sometimes finding a specific book or report on an e-reader can be difficult. If you’ve written a niche eBook that people would likely want to read on their Kindle, it might be time to consider selling it in Amazon’s Kindle Store.

7) Share Your Content on Other People’s Channels

If you want to make money from your videos, then consider sharing them on other people’s channels. Sites like PayPerView and ViralHog allow you to share your videos on major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This can help increase your views, make you more famous, and ultimately get you sponsorships if you’re making a channel with a specific niche.

8) Get Paid To Make Videos For Brands and Companies

Some companies out there will pay you to make videos for them. You’ll need a decent camera, some editing software, and lots of creative ideas. This can be an excellent way to turn your hobby into something profitable. In today’s video world, it’s a great way to make money!

YouTube Se Paisa Kamaye
YouTube Se Paisa Kamaye

9) Sell Digital Products on Shopify, Etsy, etc.

Selling digital products can be a great way to make money online. You don’t need any experience with creating physical products or dealing with inventory, and you can sell them directly on platforms like Shopify and Etsy. Plus, you will earn a commission on every sale your product makes. If you know how to sew or just have a knack for crafting, consider creating your own physical products like hats, scarves, ponchos, wall hangings and pillowcases as well.

10) Give Effective Paid Consultations

If you want to earn more money as a consultant, there’s one thing you can do: give paid consultations. While some people are able to build successful consulting businesses through social media or referrals, many consultants say giving paid consultations is the quickest and easiest way to start earning money right away. If you’re just starting out and don’t have clients lined up, it can be tricky figuring out how much to charge for your time.

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